Toyota 1VD-FTV Series Piston Ring Sets with Total Seal Gapless 2nd Ring Technology

Increase the performance, efficiency and durability of your Toyota 1VD-FTV engine with our Diesel Performance Parts piston ring sets with Total Seal Gapless 2nd Ring Technology. Top ring 2.0 mm parallel, Total Seal Gapless 2nd Ring 1.5 mm, Oil ring 2.0 mm. Available in 3 sizes – STD / .50 mm oversize / 1.00 mm oversize. Sold as an engine set. Read our article on Boost Pressure vs Blow-by vs Boost Our part numbers: RSPTO900 [...]


Replacement Performance pistons to suit Toyota 1HZ-T engines. These pistons are oil gallery cooled and are supplied with the required oil squirters.  They have 50% thicker crowns, extra top ring land clearance, increased under-crown radius and improved skirt and boss designs – no struts.  Top ring grooves have been moved down 2.5 mm.  100% Ultrasonic tested for high-integrity Alfin insert bonding. Made from AC8A-T6 Eutectic aluminium.  Piston crown weights optimised to maintain piston rock near [...]


Set of 6 High performance I-beam conrods to suit Nissan TD42T engines. Billet machined forgings made from 4340 steel. Fitted with 7/16" ARP2000 conrod bolts Conrods in set within 2 grams for ease of balancing. 30 mm pin. Sold as an engine set. Note: We recommend you order ACL Race bearings with these conrods. Our part number: CRNI130A Click here for pricing Call our Sales team toll free on 1300 364 463 International customers use [...]


Nissan TD42T/Ti 4340 Billet Crankshaft Billet crankshaft to replace Nissan crankshaft 12200-51N0A Designed in-house for strength and engine reliability Billet crankshaft made from 4340 steel Steel shot blasted web surfaces Nitride hardened No web undercutting to reduce weight – designed for increased weight and stiffness to reduce crankshaft twist and second-order harmonics Balanced to near ‘zero’ reading Includes 2 x new woodruff keys and 1 x flywheel dowel Minimal thrust clearance to allow for thrust [...]