Replacement Performance pistons to suit Toyota 1HZ-T engines. These pistons are oil gallery cooled and are supplied with the required oil squirters.  They have 50% thicker crowns, extra top ring land clearance, increased under-crown radius and improved skirt and boss designs – no struts.  Top ring grooves have been moved down 2.5 mm.  100% Ultrasonic tested for high-integrity Alfin insert bonding. Made from AC8A-T6 Eutectic aluminium.  Piston crown weights optimised to maintain piston rock near or at T.D.C.  Top ring 2.0 mm 1/2 keystone, 2nd ring 2.0 mm, Oil ring 4.0 mm, Gudgeon pin diameter: 33.0 mm. Sold as an engine set including pistons, pins, circlips and squirters.  Piston ring set RSTO350 required. We offer the following 33mm pin, 1HZ-T/1HD-T conrods:  High quality Aftermarket Conrod Set - CRTO350 or High Performance H-Beam Conrod Set - CRTO350B.

(DPP brand - made in Taiwan)

Available in the following part numbers:

POTO345 STD             (Standard compression height, Standard size)
POTO345.50                (Standard compression height, Oversize 0.50 mm)
POTO345.1.00             (Standard compression height, Oversize 1.00 mm)

POTO345P STD            (Pre-topped 0.15mm, Standard size)
POTO345P.50             (Pre-topped 0.15mm, Oversize 0.50 mm)
POTO345P.1.00           (Pre-topped 0.15mm, Oversize 1.00 mm)

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