External Links to a series of informative technical videos

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
Function of EGR Cooler
Cleaning of Air Filters
Electric fuel pumps – blocked prefilter
Water pumps/ coolant pumps
Vacuum pumps
How does a vacuum pump work?
Vacuum pumps: Damage from lack of lubricating oil
OBD – On-Board Diagnostics Part 1: Introduction
OBD – On-board diagnostics Part 2: Details
Measure bearing clearances
Using a mini-ammeter
Completion of cylinder heads for utility vehicles
Checking air mass sensors
The air mass sensor
Secondary air system
Structure and function of the crankshaft
Structure and function of a crankcase
How pistons work
Fitting of piston rings
Measurement of piston protrusion
What is the structure of intake manifolds?
Installation of cylinder liners

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