Nissan TD42T/Ti 4340 Billet Crankshaft
Billet crankshaft to replace Nissan crankshaft 12200-51N0A
Designed in-house for strength and engine reliability
Billet crankshaft made from 4340 steel
Steel shot blasted web surfaces
Nitride hardened
No web undercutting to reduce weight – designed for increased weight and stiffness to reduce crankshaft twist and second-order harmonics
Balanced to near ‘zero’ reading
Includes 2 x new woodruff keys and 1 x flywheel dowel
Minimal thrust clearance to allow for thrust washer clearance setting

Engine Australia recommends that a new crankshaft damper be fitted to this crankshaft at installation. Available options are:
Standard replacement: VDNI130 (pulley block and hub) + VDNI130A (weight plate)
Performance: VDPNI131A (This damper does not use the taper lock.)
High Performance: VDPNI131 (Uses an ATI Diesel SuperDamper and specially designed hub. It does not accommodate the air-conditioner belt.)

Consider fitting ACL Race Series Bearings with this crankshaft installation.  To promote a smoother revving engine, reduced engine stresses and promote engine longevity, this crankshaft has been finely balanced.  Engine Australia recommends that the new damper, conrods, pistons, flywheel & pressure plate or ring gear are also balanced at the time of crankshaft installation.

If you want to increase the strength and toughness of the crankshaft even further, we recommend cryogenic temperature treatment.

(DPP brand)

Our part number: CSPNI131
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