Bearings Main Performance STD (0.025 mm o/s oil clearance)


Bearings Main Performance STD (0.025 mm o/s oil clearance)

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High Performance ACL Race Series main bearing set with 0.025 mm oversize oil clearance, to suit Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 - Oct 2011 onwards, and Everest - Oct 2015 onwards with P5AT/DT32 (5Cyl, 3.2L) engines. Steel backed tri-metal performance bearings for performance applications with: High strength overlay plate; Hardened steel backs; Increased crush; Elimination of flash plating; Increased eccentricity; 3/4 groove main bearings; Tight consistent wall tolerances; Enlarged ID chamfers.  Sold as an Engine set. (ACL brand - made in Australia)


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