Timing Kit – Performance Duplex


Timing Kit – Performance Duplex

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Performance Duplex Timing Sprocket, Guide, Tensioner and Chain Kit for Ford Ranger PX DT32 (up to 14/9/2015) and Mazda BT50 P5AT (all).

If you have increased the power of your engine, then you are placing all your internal engine components under increased stress and strain. The timing chains carry all the force for driving the camshafts and injection pump from the crankshaft. By using a dual row chain and sprockets, you significantly increase the loads they can withstand before stretching or even failure. When you are replacing your timing chains, guides, sprockets and tensioner, invest in security with one of our upgraded Diesel Performance Parts Duplex Timing kits.


Note: DOES NOT SUIT FORD RANGER 15/09/15 ONWARDS. Injector pump gear on the Ford version changes from 15/09/15. It becomes tapered with a keyway and has a counterweight.

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