Performance Metal Jacket Harmonic Damper (4 bolt)


Performance Metal Jacket Harmonic Damper (4 bolt)

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Ross Performance Parts Toyota 1HD-T, 1HD-FT & 1Hz 1995 onwards, 4 bolt, Metal Jacket Harmonic Damper


High-performance OEM Replacement Metal Jacket Harmonic Damper.

Maintains OEM pulley diameters, locations and profiles.

Suitable for high-performance off-road applications.

Assembly mass optimised for high performance applications.

Rated to 800hp


Ensure you won’t get stranded with a Ross Performance Parts Toyota 1HD / 1HZ Metal Jacket Harmonic Damper. Designed for the unkillable Landcruiser, the 1HD-T/1HZ Harmonic Damper will always get you there, and more importantly, back again.
Don’t risk engine failure due to Damper failure. OEM dampers (and some aftermarket replacements) drive your accessories on the rubber (elastomer) used to absorb vibrations, if the damper fails you are left without a water pump and alternator, leaving you up the proverbial creek.
A Ross Performance Parts Harmonic Damper is designed for high performance, high stress applications, capable of withstanding higher power, rpm, and extreme torque. Overall reliability is further improved by driving the water pump and alternator directly from the crank, meaning even in the unlikely event of things going awry and the damper mass coming loose, your mighty Landcruiser will still get you home.
From improving OEM reliability of your daily work truck to a dedicated off-road monster, and everything in between. A Ross Tuffbond Harmonic Damper will counteract destructive torsional vibration, protecting the longevity and performance of your engine, and addressing an often-overlooked vulnerability of the 1HD & 1HZ engines.


Designed and manufactured by Ross Performance Parts using CMM, 3D modeling and state of the art CNC technology.

Bonded using proprietary Ross Tuffbond process, incorporating anti-vibration, anti-tear natural rubber.

Laser etched 360° timing marks.

High-quality black finishes.

Utilises grade 10.9 or better hardware.

Complies with SFI 18.1

$1,077.38 inc. GST inc. GST

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