Piston 0.50 mm oversize, Performance (engines up to 8’1992)


Piston 0.50 mm oversize, Performance (engines up to 8’1992)

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Oversize 0.50 mm, performance replacement pistons to suit Toyota 1HD-T engines up to 8'1992. Pistons include pins and circlips. These pistons have anodised and ceramic coated crowns, Teflon/Moly coated skirts, are strutted and have alfin inserts in the top ring grooves. Top ring 2.0 mm 1/2 keystone, 2nd ring 2.0 mm, Oil ring 4.0 mm, Gudgeon pin diameter: 33.0 mm. Piston ring set required RSTO350.50. Sold as an engine set. To fit these pistons you will require O.E. 1HD-T conrods, CRTO350 or CRTO350B. (DPP brand - made in Taiwan)

$1,191.96 inc. GST

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