Service Bulletins

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No.           Contents

SB001           Liner Flange Cracking

SB002           Prevention of Piston Ring Land Fractures

SB003           Diesel Knock and Combustion Problems in Diesel Engines

SB004           Angle Torque Cylinder Head Bolts

SB005           Diesel Piston Crown Erosion

SB006           Diesel Engine Oil Consumption

SB007           'Smoking' Diesel Engines

SB008           Oil Thickening in Light Duty Diesel Engines

SB009           Running-in Reconditioned Diesel Engines

SB010           Piston Pin Circlip Fitting and Failures

SB011           Cavitation Erosion

SB012           Crankshaft Thrust Faces

SB013           Fitting Wet Liners

SB014           Keystone Rings and Piston Grooves

SB015           Alfin (Ni-Resist) Ring Groove Inserts

SB016           Cylinder Bore Finish

SB017           Valve Stem Bending and Fatigue Fracture

SB018           Valve Face Wear or Guttering and Valve Head Tuliping/Cupping

SB019           Fitting Precombustion Chamber Cups

SB020           Diesel Engine Valve Construction

SB021           Surface Finish

SB022           Plateau Honing

SB023           Thin Wall Cylinder Liners

SB024           Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head Surface Finish

SB025           Crankshaft Journal Finish - Oil Seal and Bearing

SB026           Interference fit of Valve Guides into Cylinder Heads

SB027           Valve Guide and Stem Wear

SB028           Valve Collet Fit and Valve Rotation

SB029           Phosphate Coatings of  Engine Components

SB030           Piston Weight Tolerances

SB031           Camshaft Lobe Design and Specification

SB032           Glow Plug Design and Operation

SB033           'Sputter' Engine Bearings

SB034           'Prelubing' Rebuilt Engines

SB035           Teflon™ Crankshaft Oil Seals

SB036           Hypo-Eutectic, Eutectic, Hyper-Eutectic

SB037           Tarasov Etch for Crankshafts

SB038           Crankshaft Oil Seal Materials

SB039           Testing of Nitrided Surfaces

SB040           Valve Seat Inserts

SB041           Compression and Static Leak Down Tests

SB042           Engine Oil Pressure

SB043           Head Gaskets and Sealing Compounds

SB044           Piston Ring Gaps - Oil Consumption and Blow-by

SB045           Checking Piston Protrusion Heights in Diesel Engines